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Whether it’s just a general feeling of tension or intense anxiety to the point of feeling physically ill, many people dental appointments as a stressful event. Some people may even avoid going to the dentist at all due to anxiety, a choice that can bring about many negative health outcomes. Fortunately, advances in technology have brought us a variety of oral, intravenous, and inhaled drugs that help keep patients calm and comfortable during dental procedures.

But what about the patients who don’t want the side effects of medication, are uncomfortable with the idea of being sedated, or need to be able to safely drive themselves home after the treatment? Fortunately, we are pleased to offer NuCalm as a natural alternative to traditional sedation. The relaxing effects of NuCalm are based in neuroscience and are achieved without the use of narcotics or any controlled substances.

How NuCalm’s Patented Technology Works

Instead of using drugs to sedate a patient, NuCalm leverages the body’s natural systems to enter a state of “parasympathetic dominance,” the only state in which the body can fully relax and heal itself. The parasympathetic nervous system, sometimes referred to as the “rest and digest” state, is the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system, which involves the release of adrenaline and is known as a “fight or flight” response. There are four components NuCalm uses to ease the body into a parasympathetic state:

Nutrient-Sourced Supplements

The first stage is either applying a topical cream or ingesting a dietary supplement that is designed to help you relax by inhibiting your body’s production of adrenaline. As adrenaline is at the core of a stress response, these supplements help the body to naturally relax.

Microcurrent Stimulation

Small patches are placed behind the ears and an FDA-approved device is used to create small electrical currents that activate the calming effects of the nutrient-sourced supplements.

Neuroacoustic Software

Your dentist will provide you with noise-cancelling headphones that will play soft, soothing music that is patented and specifically designed to stimulate alpha brainwaves, causing the brain to enter into a calm, pre-sleep state.

Light-Blocking Eye Mask

You will be provided with an eye mask that is designed to block light, minimizing stimulation of the optic nerve by negating visual stimuli, and allowing the body to relax more fully.

Administration of the entire four-part NuCalm system takes about three minutes, and the effects evident in just three to five minutes.

Benefits of the NuCalm System

As NuCalm uses the body’s natural relaxation system rather than toxic medications, it is an ideal option for those who have adverse reactions to sedatives, need to be alert immediately after a procedure, or want to avoid the use of pharmaceutical medications to relax. The calming effects of NuCalm are not only useful in reducing stress in dental patients; they have also been shown to have numerous positive effects on overall health, including better memory, increased attention span, improved quality of sleep, better immune system functioning, and heightened creativity. While you will be alert immediately after your appointment, you will continue to enjoy these positive effects throughout the day.

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