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General Dentistry

“Everything from cleanings to wisdom tooth removal”

NuSmile is more than just a pretty face. We’re one of the best cosmetic dentists Tampa, Florida has to offer —and we’re among the top choices for general dentistry. Our doctors have over 50 years of cumulative experience and offer a full range of dental services, including:

Preventive dental care

NuSmile takes your teeth seriously and is committed to helping you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful with comprehensive, prevention dental care, including cleanings, fillings, extractions, nightguards and mouthguards.

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Root canal

When the dental pulp (center part of the tooth) becomes infected, the tooth can be saved with a root canal procedure, which involves the cleaning of the pulp and restoration with fillings or dental crowns. NuSmile can help you rest easy about your root canal procedure and preserve a healthier smile.

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Conscious Sedation Dentistry

If anxiety prevents you from having dental work done, NuSmile Conscious Sedation Dentistry can help you relax and make the most of your visits to NuSmile. The method is completely safe and efficient and can be used for a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments.

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Laser Dentistry

One of the most sophisticated and versatile treatments, laser therapy can greatly improve the outcome of your procedure, and minimize discomfort and shorten your recovery time for root canals and dental surgery.

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Wisdom tooth removal

NuSmile oral surgeons have extensive experience with different wisdom teeth at all stages, and help ensure your comfort throughout, and after, the procedure.

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